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Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Anniversary gifts for him

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

He's the man of your dreams, your best friend and your life partner; so this anniversary, treat your man to a special gift from a GGP mall near you. From fresh new accessories for the trendsetter to the latest technological treats that transform movie nights into cinematic experiences, you're sure to find something that lets him know how much you care on your anniversary.  

For the Fashion Forward Man


For the style-conscious man in your life, fashionable accessories are the ideal gift to ensure he always looks his best. Bowties are trendy yet classic gifts, and they're not just for black tie events anymore. They represent the hippest in "geek chic" style for any occasion. Cufflinks are a practical gift that add a bit of bling to a work suit or a stylish finishing touch to a dress shirt for an evening out with friends. Designer scarves in varying lengths, styles and materials make sure he always has the right accessories for wrapping up on cold nights or rocking a laid-back summer vibe when the weather warms up.  

Fashion Scarves



Men’s Shoes

Every great outfit starts with the shoes, and the way to a fashionable man's heart is through exceptional footwear. A pair of designer boots ensures he is stylish come rain or shine, and loafers have a laidback vibe that look cool without even trying. Oxfords are a sophisticated type of dress shoe with closed lacing; incredibly versatile, they are classic and practical enough to take him from the office to the club without breaking stride.

Oxford Shoes



For Tech-Savvy Guys

Home Theater

Why go out when you can stay in together? Widescreen televisions (LCD/LED) from brands such as Panasonic and Sony transform weeknights into date nights with crisp contrast and vibrant colors that make every movie a visually captivating experience. If your partner wants to feel like he's part of the action when he's engrossed in a science-fiction story, surround-sound speaker systems are a must-have addition for his home entertainment system. The latest model from the huge selection of media streaming devices and recorders completes the package, providing endless evenings of entertainment ranging from reality shows to romantic movies.


Speaker System

DVD Player

Portable technology

For the tech-savvy man who is always on the move, portable and wearable tech is the future. A pair of wireless headphones lets him take his personal sound bubble wherever he goes. A docking station for his cell phone means any social gathering is a potential party. If he's a man on the go, external battery packs and smart watches are useful accessories that ensure he'll never run out of juice and can stay connected, hands-free.


Docking Station

External Battery

For the Sports Fan


Sports season is tailgating season – before you head out to pick out a good spot at the stadium park, make sure he’s all set for the best tailgating experience with his own canopy tent to protect him from the elements, the best cooler to keep him refreshed, and a great portable grill to cook up some team spirit. All of that cheering, cooking, eating and drinking is tiring work, so a folding chair for putting up his feet before the big game is an excellent gift choice for the tailgating fanatic. The latest jerseys and jackets are also perfect gifts that ensure he is always flying his team's colors, even if they change from season to season. Look for the official, branded merchandise that are the marks of a true fan.

Folding Chair



Be a fan away from the game

He'd love to be there in person, cheering every touchdown and showing his support for every clean pass. Of course, that isn't always possible, but you can make sure he always gets his football fix with a new TV for catching the game from the comfort of his living room chair. Alternatively, pick out some team-branded license plate frames so he has the opportunity to express his love for the game whenever he goes for a drive. Speaking of driving, golf club head covers are a practical yet fun gift idea. They come in a range of styles, from something suitable for playing the back nine with the boss after work to knitted socks and humorous character heads that add some color to his clubs.


Liscene Plate Frame

Golf Club Covers

For the Foodie


The old adage says the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but if your partner is a chef at heart, the latest in kitchen accessories may be the ideal way to say, "Happy Anniversary." A food processor may not seem glamorous, but wait until he's whipped up a delicious dinner date for two or created a decadent dessert to share after the kids go to bed. Grills, smokers and accessories are wonderful gifts for meat lovers who want to explore new taste sensations. All this amazing food deserves amazing presentation, and cutlery sets, flatware, and attractive place settings ensure every meal looks as good as it tastes.

Food Processor

Griller, Smoker


Wine lover

Every good meal should come with good wine, and there are plenty of tasteful gifts to give a man with great taste. If he enjoys a crisp, white wine with fish dinners or summer evenings on the porch, wine chillers make fantastic gifts. If he has a few fine wines that he wants to display or keep within reach for when the occasion arises, he's sure to appreciate the elegance and functionality of a wine rack; however, if his collection is getting sizable, it may be time to upgrade to a wine cellar.

Wine Chiller

Wine Rack

Wine Cellar

For the DIY-er

For the handyman

If your partner loves nothing more than rolling up his sleeves and tackling tasks around the house, a selection of tools and accessories is going to keep him entertained for hours. Socket sets are essential for anyone who enjoys reconditioning motor vehicles, while saws and drills are must-have tools for a range of projects inside and outside of the home.

Socket Sets



For the greenthumb

He may bring you flowers on your anniversary, so why not return the gesture with the gift of plant seeds and bulbs? Few things match the satisfaction of a flowering garden, and next year you may get some beautiful blooms he grew especially for you. Maintaining a yard filled with shrubs and bushes is hard work. Make his life easier with a new garden hose to replace that old watering can, or pick out some pruners for keeping the flowers tidy.

Plant Seeds

Garden Hose


For the Traveler


If time together means time away, pick out some luggage and accessories to make your next trip extra special. Luggage sets ensure you travel in style and make packing for your vacation easier. For those long-haul flights, he's going to want his most important possessions close to hand, making carry-ons good gifts. Alternatively, get him a personalized passport wallet, a fashionable and functional item for helping him stay organized on his journeys.



Passport Wallet

Travel hacker

Unfortunately, traveling isn't always a pleasure. If your partner is regularly commuting or flying out of state for work, gift him some of the travel essentials that take the pain out of always being on the move. Travel pillows add a touch of comfort no matter what class he travels and help him catch a nap when the work is piling up. Toiletry bags are useful for keeping all of his essential grooming products together in his carry-on luggage. Finally, a messenger bag is ideal for transporting a laptop or tablet in a safe and convenient way.

Travel Pillow

Toiletry Bag

Messenger Bag